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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Day the Tanks Came

What if the Nazis had 'won', inasmuch as it were possible, the war in the USSR?  I recall Richard Overy saying that such a thing were possible in Virtual History in a rather well-researched 'what if' history.  He postulated that the organisation of the Ostmark that was to be created would have been cataclysmically badly done and chaotic, much like the Nazi state at large, and that the economics would have caused a collapse of Greater German finances in a few years.  Indeed, he seemed to suggest that the situation was critical even before the war had reached the turning points of Stalingrad and Guadalcanal.  In fact, the implication, made elsewhere in Overy's studies, was that the war prolonged the Nazi's power in Germany by allowing loot and pillage to fill the gaps left in the shoddy economic planning and fantasy-land ideas.
Anyway, I have an idea about writing a short story set in one of the NSDAP veteran farms in a place where that particular victory was run.  Greater Germany would be an almost anarchistic economic basket-case with some form or Nazi-dictatorship (there were no other politrical avenues open to the German people following July 1933) and that village would be created in line with the few clear organisational guidelines.  I guess Himmler would still be in charge too.

But what if the USSR, a more industrially minded country after all, had managed to survive along the border of perpetual warfare and created new factories utilising the mineral wealth of Siberia?  Ecological disaster almost certainly would have occurred but they may have lasted long enough to mount a counter offensive.  Against a pastoral economic basket-case like the Third Reich an ecologically bankrupt industrial USSR would have an intriguing relationship and reasons beyond ideology for fighting.  I'd love to explore that whole thing.

Anyway, when I have some time, that's an idea I would like to expand on this blog!

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