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Monday, 26 March 2012

Regarding Bakunin

The Republic is Freedom!

Workers of the World, Unite! Join the Hands and Brains of the Republic as they build the road of Socialism through a dark future. Cast off your chains! Embrace the Republic! From all according to their contributions to all according to their needs!

In a world without crime, and where murder simply doesn't happen, Ben Jones finds himself on the run from the Plod, the Service and a terrorist organisation that may well have had a divine experience on an expanse of tarmac somewhere south of a small Middle-Eastern city. Whatever it is that he has that they want it is clear that they will stop at nothing to possess it. And these aren't the sort of people you can ask for clarification and so giving it up isn't easy.

Deals, blackmail, double-crosses, cross-dressing and prostitutes are going to be the least of the complications he'll face. Oh, and there's a small chance that it'll all end in nuclear armageddon.


So the world's screwed then...

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