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Thursday, 3 May 2012


"So why did you contact me?"

"You were on the run, seemed everyone is looking for you."

"Why should I trust you?"

"Oh, you shouldn't.  That would be as bad as me trusting you.  I mean, I can say that I'm not going to call the police or anything but you have absolutely no reason to believe me when I do.  I guess all you have is faith."

"You one of those religious nuts?  I saw plenty of those in prison."

"I believe in God."

"I could kill you now, and no one would ever find the body."

"I know.  You absolutely could.  I wouldn't expect God to pop down and stop you either, if that's what you'd be trying to disprove."

"So what's to stop me?"

"Nothing, and that's what makes this so delicious.  I can add another inducement: I have food, shelter and a safe place.  But I've ditched my phone.  You're right: no one knows that I'm here or that I contacted you or that you are here.  Of course, you could choose to disbelieve everything that I've just said."

"I'm not innocent, I killed them.  All of them."

"I know.  Who said I thought you didn't?"

"So why help me?"

"I haven't helped you yet.  But, in answer to your question, why not?  Do you need the help?  Do you want me to help?  Should I offer some assistance?  Does it matter who you are?"

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