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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mount Trepidation

I am so looking forward to NaNo this year.  I know, I know, everyone talks like this and I become one with the sea and tide of opinion.  But, seriously, I haven't done it since 2010 and, in that year, my experience was marred by a whole welter of nastiness elsewhere in life - mainly work - that meant I didn't enjoy it.  I'm anxious to be back.

That said, I do worry about time.  I mean, I've managed to hit the target twice in the past but one year  was without anything else to do.  I mean, I had my job, but that was it.  I also had massive disposable income and several hours a night with nothing to do in them.  I hit 85k words that year, but they were mostly pants (about 8k were usuable and quality) and the story remained stubbornly elusive.  In other words, I hit the target by sheer babbling.

The other success, if it can be called that, was simply writing 55k words in the month.  Three projects were undertaken and each one was abandoned before starting another.  The first, and most boring, was an 'official history' of an alternative First World War in which the Germans developed tanks (see, told you) first.  The second was an attempt at Socialist Britain that got no further than a conversation and a poor bit of background.  Final one was just a general ramble including a 5k piece that was a badly transcribed copy of the nuclear attack warning radio broadcast from 1975.

The rest... I've not hot 50k and I've certainly not got much of worth from the words themselves.  I haven't really attended write-ins though, and I did that first time, and I enjoyed it most when I did.  Even if the finished result was a bit pap.

So, I am looking forward to this year, but it is very much scaling Mount Trepidation now.  It's been four years since a 'success' and six since I really enjoyed it and got the bug.  Here's hoping I can recapture some of that!

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