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Monday, 22 October 2012

NaNo plot

Okay, so, this is going to be the home of my attempt on the north face of NaNoWriMo this year.  I guess that means it's as good a place as any to be doing some plotting and planning.

At this stage I'm looking at writing a political thriller with a main character who has high-functioning Asperger's and will end up taking over a country.  Think the rise of Hitler, with a smattering of French Revolution, and a great deal of using albums I like to suggest how the plot will unfold.  I'm thinking to start with the ending, follow it with the story of the main character's early life - where he shall have an affir and gravate towards the big cities and the different style of life there.  Somehow I'm thinking he will fall in with a group plotting their own government take over and, by dint of being autistic and single-mided, he'll end up in charge.

Yeah, it's like the Rise of Evil but... I dunno.  I hope it's interesting and I hope I can write it.

That... or something involving time travel and multiple dimensions.  That will end up with a large section in a Middle Ages area with a dragon.  Singular, small part.  Knight in shining armour that is not all they seem will rescue a damsel.



  1. Sounds really cool! I am having problems trying to develop the politics in my NaNo novel. I am not used to writing politically. The autism factor in your novel sounds very interesting.

    1. Thank you!

      The politics stuff is the hardest part of writing, how to make it interesting! I mean, I love political intrigue, but it's one of the reasons my writing hasn't got any soul to it!

  2. How fun to read your thoughts. I'm doing my first ever NaNo next month. I'm equal parts excited and absolutely terrified. Looking forward to following you through November.

    1. Okay, I responded but didn't realise you were already a published author! I have green-eyed monster envy for you now!

      And yes, writing a novel in a month is terrifying, but arguably the most fun you can have with creativity. I've yet to even finish a story, let alone a novel.

      Thank you for stopping by!