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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Songs and Planning

Planning, yes, champing at the bit to get going.  Of course, still torn.

Also, I am beset by music and the idea, germinating in my head, to take about 15 tracks and use these to organise my writing.  That would imply approximately 3k words per track, and still be below target, as well as suggesting that each track would take about a chapter.

So, take the album Fundamental by the Pet Shop Boys and the film Hitler: the Rise of Evil and you pretty much have my autistic man becomes dictator and nastiness happens novel plot in a nutshell.  The trick will be to cover the early life in such a way that I can edit the order afterward and still make it interesting.  In films they often use isolated vignettes and time-lapse to cover aspects like this and most books I read don't actually bother with this sort of thing.  Those that do tend to be the more monstrous novels, those with huge doorstop plots (like Shogun) and they deal with the passge of time by, well, covering all of it.

I don't want to do that.  I'm not sure I enough sub-plot to make that sort of thing interesting and to advance characterisation and plot.  I'm toying with the idea of giving my MC a few more foibles to flesh it all out, such as maybe going for a homosexual angle.  Now, I'm anxious that my generally dysfunctional and slightly amoral autistic MC doesn't misrepresent minorities, so I don't think he'll actually be homosexual, but he doesn't know that and I figure he'll try.

I'm also moving more toward creating an independent world in which this plot can take place.  Why?  Well, partly laziness, there's a whole bunch of stuff that I would need to know inside out in order to make a political rise to power style of novel accurate and convincing in modern society.  To do it in a historical manner would necessarily invoke Godwin's Law and I would have a hard time escaping the allusions, however deliberate, to Hitler and the NSDAP - which would possibly make me look like I endorse their methods or their ideology.  That's a no-no.  But, if I do create a new world, then I will have to contextualise it enough without going overboard so that the reader feels at home enough there to make sense of it but not so at home that they make assumptions where they shouldn't.  They need to recognise that it is not our world but I shouldn't be hammering that home to the reader - they should be figuring that out for themselves and feeling clever!

Heck, at this rate, I could just publish my babbling and hit the target...

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