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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 5: A break later

So I didn't write anything last night. A combination of starting back at work, having a trip on today and general rattiness on my part meant that I wasn't really in the right mood to write anything other than swear words and curmudgeonly moaning and ranting. Tonight I had the pressure to let out and have managed to impose some kind of order on the sections that I've written so far, so that there isn't really a contiguous section to post here tonight.

Mostly I now have a plot, ish, with a structure that helps it all make a modicum of sense. I have two plot lines that seem to be self-sustaining and a feeling that I want to pervade them both - it can best be summed up by that Eurovision song I was referencing in an earlier post, but I have no idea how I'm going to get that whole idea working and woven into the very fabric of the story I'm trying to tell.

I'm also this-way, that-way on whether to include a male MC this year. I mean, there's a potential one that I've written in tonight along with a semi-important supporting cast member who is also male that I already had (Tremayne) but... I don't know. I'm quite keen on having most characters as females, at least, most named and important characters, because most books do the opposite and I would like mine to be different. The other reason is simply because I'd like the challenge of writing that way, in a way that most readers would not consider to be 'normal' when, in reality, it's just as 'normal' as mostly male characters in books.

Also, it's not actually fundamentally changing the plot or the story, it's just switching the gender of the characters from what most people would expect. Meh, I'm like that from time to time.

Of my bits and bats, numbering some 2,000 words this evening, 750words tell me that I am feeling mostly upset (with anxious coming a close second) and concerned mostly about money (with success a close second). This is unusual for my writing.

Total wordcount is now 9,565 words. Yay?

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