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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To prologue or not to prologue?

Time gathers pace and so my idea-sleet continues - of course.  I can't just have one idea for NaNo, I must have loads and then find that none of them are developed enough to actually manage to write and finish a novel or even a plotline!

Anyway, in amongst all of this there is a question to be asked.  Should one prologue?  I mean, with my autism-politics plotline I thought a prologue would be a good way to show how the end goes down in such a way that draws a reader in.  However, I also remembered that there are plenty of people and readers whose opinions I respect that say that they never even read prologues.  Which makes sense.

So, should I bother writing one or should I cheat and make it chapter one?  Or, horror, should I just not open and instead rely on the early life of my autistic future revolutionary to grab the reader?

Then there's the Aftermath plotline that keeps pootling around my head.  I originally cheated and added it to the end of the plotline that appears on this blog as Bradford Interchange but... I dunno, I have a soft-spot for the idea of a non-linear plot but for the fact that I would have to write it linearly to begin with - that would be hard for me to do.  In that sense it would be the perfect candidate for NaNo because I would be forced to write it and get it all done - and I may even edit it - but in another I worry that I would destroy it and get bored and then abandon it.


  1. Personally, I think a prologue might make a perfect finishing touch. What I mean is I would rather write it after finishing the main part whenever I feel there are still some issues that should be added to the background of the story and it would be such a waste if they were missed.`~ All in all, it's always a good experiment.

    1. Yes, you're right. However, I always end up writing things in the order in which they would be read. It's a bad habit.

      I may take your advice on this one though and try to save it until the end.